Patient Testimonials

  • “I came to physical therapy to rehab after a total knee replacement. My progression with the rehab was great. My potassium levels that were way down and my way high blood pressure slowed down everything in my life.
    By coordinating with my surgeon and my primary care doctor, my physical therapist, Chris Hicks, was able to help me return to full functionality. Chris is so knowledgable, so patient, and so caring, as is his entire staff including Jeremy. I
    love them all and thank them for giving my life back to me! I always recommend
    them to anyone needing physical therapy. I am one very happy client!”

    - J.P.
  • “I walked in here with vertigo and after two sessions I am vertigo-free! The therapists here are fantastic!”

    - L.M.
  • I had trouble standing on my feet all day, bending, and lifting. The next day, I would wake up sore. I had to crawl out of bed. After spending time with the experts at Foundation Therapy, I am back to myself. Thank you, all!

    - B.M.
  • "I first came in with severe shoulder impingement. Pain level 7 after steroid shot. This was a second episode after 4 years. I had rehabbed with Foundation Therapy then and knew I wanted to return. FT has grown in 4 years! The new PTs were awesome and it was a great experience. While in therapy, I asked about some deep hip ache/pain and burning down the leg. We started new therapy with my lower extremity. The APP is awesome so I feel like I am in charge of healing at home too. I am pain-free today and would not hesitate to recommend Foundation Therapy. Thank you! ”

    - K.C.
  • Nolan, Douglas web

    I couldn't use my left arm at all. I had surgery and went through the therapy process. Chris and his PT's were very experienced and thorough throughout the process of recovery. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give a 10 and would refer anyone in need of physical therapy to Foundation Therapy. Thank you again Chris and Staff. 

    - Douglas N.
  • Loper, Topper web

    Complete knee replacement surgery on July 22, 2019. I walked in with a walker on July 23, 2019. Stayed in therapy for 10 days straight, graduated to a cane after about a month, then graduated to no cane at all in September and was walking GREAT! This a very good place for therapy. 

    - Topper L.
  • Moorman, Jo web

    This experience has been so positive and healing, I know I had Kelli who cared I was making progress and was there to ask questions. My gardening took a hit in the beginning. I needed strength to snip, cut, pull and dig. I have regained it all. This was made fun and through it all enjoyable. 

    - Jo M.
  • Chapman, Karen web

    For 6 months, I had pain from my sciatic area. I had gone to my doctor and tried heat, cold, a steroid shot, anti-inflammatory. Finally, the specialist referred me to PT. Kelli has been fabulous at strengthening my, "core" and working through my pain levels. When I seemed to hit a plateau, I did dry needling. OMG! What a relief. That was exactly what I needed to achieve a sharply decreased pain level. Kelli gave me exercises to do at home. But, after the dry needling, my pain level dropped to 1 or 0 in a matter of hours. PT is a great answer for a sciatic issue if you will work half as hard as your physical therapist does. 

    - Karen C.
  • Majka, Ora web

    My experience at Foundation Therapy has helped in many ways. My mobility is better, my endurance is improved, and my back pain has greatly decreased. When I started, I could barely walk on the treadmill; that is much better. I cannot say enough good things about the staff. They are knowledgeable, encouraging, and compassionate. I always recommend Foundation Therapy to my friends. 

    - Ora M.
  • Keim, Gary web

    I came in with extreme lower back pain. With exercises and stretches to do at home plus PT sessions the pain is now nonexistent within 2-3 weeks time. I will continue with exercises and stretches at home so this will not happen again.

    - Gary K.
  • Eason, Bobby web

    I was in sad shape and I knew it. The therapy was great and I can do things much better. I may never be 100% but I am so much better. The staff was knowledgeable and did a great job for me. Thanks again!

    - Bobby E.
  • Brown, Travis web

    When I first arrived at Foundation Therapy, I had low back pain that was non-stop all day/night. I was not able to sleep through the night, which was increasing the pain due to lack of rest. Shortly after starting therapy, I had periods of no pain, which allowed me to start identifying stressors that were contributing to the pain. The combination of therapy strategy ultimately loosened my neck, chest and back and improved posture supporting muscle strength. I am now sleeping through the night and handling stress better.

    - Travis B.